A Journey of Healing and Flavor

Here, I stand, sharing a deeply personal journey that led to 100CalSnacks.com. I'm not just the founder; I'm someone who battles weight and anxiety, using food to cope.

My journey hasn't been about perfection; it's been about finding strength in vulnerability. Anxiety led me to seek comfort in food, creating a cycle that eventually took a toll on my health — leading to not one but five surgeries after a 50 pound weight gain. It was a wake-up call I couldn't ignore.

Transitioning to a cleaner diet held a glimmer of hope, yet the landscape of snacking fell disappointingly short. The available options often carried unhealthy ingredients, sugar, or sugar alcohols. Stress-driven eating and SIBO remained persistent challenges. It was within this backdrop that a spark ignited — a vision for snacks that catered to
the body's needs and extended beyond.

It wasn't just a concept; it was my reality. The struggle to find snacks that tasted good, nurtured my gut, and aligned with my health journey was real.

Flavor became our mantra, taste our
obsession. We embarked on a mission to craft snacks that weren't just healthy but truly, irresistibly delicious. Each creation is a labor of love, every bite meticulously balanced for taste and nutrition.

Our commitment isn't just a phrase; it's who we are. It's why we back it with our Keepin' Snacks 100® Guarantee. This journey is a partnership — for you, your satisfaction, and your well-being.

As you enjoy our snacks, know you're tasting a piece of my story — of struggle, resilience, and healing.

With each bite, you're part of a transformative journey. Let's embrace it together.

With heartfelt gratitude,